Nov 12th Palvelimen päivitys

Päivitämme palvelimen tänä viikonloppuna upouudeksi, jossa on 128 Gt DDR4-RAM-muistia, ja myös nykyiset SSD-asemat päivitetään uusimpiin NVMe-asemiin, mikä johtaa merkittävään suorituskyvyn kasvuun. Päivitys alkaa perjantaina klo 24:00 ja on määrä valmistua 24-36 tunnin sisällä. Koska kyseessä on reaaliaikainen siirto, kaikki ... Les mer »

Jan 21st Network attack

We have faced yesterday afternoon a network attack to the IP on the server. We have moved the domains to new IP to mitigate the issue. If your accounts are using our nameservers or custom nameservers registered with our server IP, then there is nothing to be done at your end. Your domains which were using old IP should already be resolving fine ... Les mer »

Dec 15th Cpanel-Outlook Incompatibility Issues

Hello, Due to the recent version changes, cPanel software uses a secure version of TLS, v1.2 and will prevent email clients from accessing secure email with older, less secure ones such as TLS v.1.1 , TLS v.1.0 and SSL 2 and 3 . It is possible that the version of the mail client being used or the version of windows is the major reason for the ... Les mer »

Feb 6th [WordPress 4.7 and 4.7.1] Additional Security Fix - Upgrade Recommended!

An update for WordPress was recently released to address various security vulnerabilities on Versions 4.7 and 4.7.1 and it is recommended that you update as soon as possible.

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